Community Gaming and Moonton Partner on MLBB Series to Strengthen the Growth of the Competitive Gaming Landscape in Latin America
by Community Gaming in Web3 · 2021-08-12

As we move forward with the announcement of the Series and the registration of players, we dedicate this segment to reflect on the aim that shaped Dawn of Heroes

Community Gaming’s most recent expansion to Latin America is accompanied by exciting news for players and strategic partners alike. In our most recent move, we have advanced a partnership with the Chinese company Moonton Games Ltd. over its signature title “ Mobile Legends: Bang Bang “.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is currently one of the most popular mobile games worldwide. Ranked as a top 10 game in over 120 countries, this title has by far led by example in terms of reach for players in all corners of the world. Making no distinction between players and providing friendly system requirements, MLBB successfully tackled a key challenge for esports: accessibility.

However, as players build up their knowledge and squads continue to form, the question raises: What is next for talented players?

Every three months-give or take-a new season begins on MLBB’s Land of Dawn. Previously earned ranks, character MMRs and any local distinction attained are “adjusted” to a lower mark at the start of this new period. Players then compete to attain and surpass their past achievements.

Yes, a given percentage of players takes advantage of this system to find teammates who are equally committed season after season; creating a squad, building relations in game and taking on the challenge to test their skills on the highest available spaces for competition.

However, there was a step missing, an environment where players can play, compete and persevere with enough frequency and variety of opponents that their skills are put to the test.

“Dawn of Heroes” is born as an opportunity for increasing players’ activity while casting light on outstanding talent in the region. The series consists of 12 tournaments over a six-month period, delivering two iterations per month, one for the southern and one for the northern regions of Latin America.

The Series materializes the efforts of a shared Mission between partners: To foster and grow spaces for competitive play in gamer communities around the world. Dawn of Heroes tournaments represent a new milestone in the delivery of high-quality events, promoting spaces for competitive play and casting a light on new talents in a given region, all from the space of a key and widely known title such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Each tournament is targeted at a cap of 32-64 players, who will compete in a single elimination competition over three days. On day 1, the elimination format will be Best of 1 (Bo1), played until the round of 16. On day 2, the elimination format will be Best of 3 (Bo3), Quarter Finals; finally, for the last day, day 3, the elimination format will be Best of 3 for Semifinals and Third Place, and Best of 5 (Bo5) for the grand finals.

Of the three days of each Dawn of Heroes Tournament, two will be streamed live on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch from the Quarter Finals to the Finals. These livestreams will be hosted by KOL Streamers for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang “ La Diosa Bertita” and “ COBRA “, two signature casting talents in the region.

Each of these tournaments will have a prize pool of 36,500 diamonds, MLBB’s in-game currency, courtesy of the publisher. The diamonds will be distributed to the top 8: 1st Place: 14.600 (40%), 2nd Place: 9.125 (25%), 3rd Place: 4.380 (12%) 4th Place: 2555 (7%), from 5th to 8th Place: 1460 (4%).

Both companies look forward to the exciting moments and plays coming from all the Latin America players. If you are a MLBB player, this is your chance to shine and experience the format of competitive play as you battle your peers! Dawn of Heroes is Your Road to Victory!

Shanghai Moonton Technology Co., Ltd. Specializes in R & D and distribution of games to other countries, aiming to provide the best mobile game experiences to players around the globe. It’s signature game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is a world renowned title, boasting over 1 billion installs and 100 million monthly active users globally.

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