Community Gaming and Fractal Partner to Host the Second Official Fractal Cup
by Community Gaming in Web3 · 2022-05-05

Community Gaming and Fractal have partnered to host the second official Fractal Cup! This Cup features, the first of many Solana-based games on Community Gaming as they work to incorporate the popular blockchain into their platform.

The Fractal Cup is open to all players around the world and is set to take place from Saturday, May 7th to Sunday, May 8th, with a prize pool of $10,000 in SOL provided by Fractal.

Community Gaming and Fractal Working Together to Support the Future of Web3 Gaming

Fractal is a dedicated NFT and Web3 gaming platform created by Twitch co-founder Justin Kan. Fractal and Community Gaming share a common goal of growing and innovating esports and Web3 gaming spaces. By helping AAA gaming studios navigate the new business models that come with digital assets, Fractal aims to bring the benefits of blockchain gaming to players of all skill levels across the world.

Likewise, Community Gaming streamlines blockchain gaming for players, tournament organizers, and game developers. CG has helped the Web3 gaming space grow through its user-friendly platform, utilizing smart contracts to ensure players receive their payouts quickly and easily. Community Gaming also makes it easy for anyone to organize their tournament by supporting a wide catalog of games including blockchain gaming projects and other new titles looking to add an esports component.

Community Gaming and Fractal’s partnership to bring the second round of the Fractal Cup to gamers around the world is an exciting development in the blockchain gaming space. The tournament is a great chance to showcase, help the project connect to potential investors, and of course, give out great prizes to all the participants! Tournament Details

What is is a browser-based, play-to-earn first-person shooter created by Addicting Games. It features over ten different maps, 20 different in-game weapons, and five different game modes.

Every time a player makes a kill, they receive SOL. Players can purchase NFTs for skins and weapons and power them up through in-game achievements. The more players power-up, the more SOL they can earn for every kill.

When will the tournament take place?

The Fractal Cup takes place on May 7-8. Visit the official Fractal Cup tournament page for all event details, including registration and check-in. The deadline to register is Friday, May 6th,however spots are filling up fast! Check-in for the tournament begins at 3pm ET each tournament day.

What is the prize?

Players will compete for a share of a $10,000 prize pool, which will be paid in SOL. The top three teams will receive:

  • 1st place team: $3,100 in SOL
  • 2nd place team: $1,500 in SOL
  • 3rd place team: $1,050 in SOL

By participating in the Fractal Cup, players will also receive exclusive Epic Whitelist Tokens.

These tokens can be used to purchase NFTs from’s first NFT collection, which will be minted through the Fractal Launchpad on May 11th.

Every player who participates will receive an Epic Whitelist Token. Other Epic and Legendary Whitelist Tokens will be given away to players through Community Gaming’s Twitch chat.

How will the tournament work?

128 teams will be able to play in the Fractal Cup, with each team consisting of three players. Each match will be six players total (3v3). The tournament is open to players of any skill level, and every match is best of three. Any singles or doubles can find more team members on Fractal’s Discord. For more information, consult the official Fractal Cup Tournament Page.

About Fractal

Fractal is a Web3 and NFT gaming company that helps players discover and connect with projects they want to support. It also empowers players to actually own their in-game assets. Fractal’s goal is to continue bringing innovation to the Web3 gaming space so both players and game developers can benefit from blockchain technology.

About Community Gaming

Community Gaming is the all-in-one esports competition platform, offering cutting edge infrastructure to key industry stakeholders. Through its seamless UX, plus highly scalable and efficient blockchain payment technology, the platform equips players, guilds, competition organizers, and game developers with the tools they need to create, facilitate, and participate in esports tournaments. Community Gaming believes in Earnings for Everyone, where the massive gains of the wider esports and gaming industry are decentralized and accessible via web3 technology to reward action and time. People who love games should have a reliable avenue to supplement their current income by gaming, no matter the skill level.