Benefits of Becoming a Tournament Organizer
by Community Gaming in Community · 2023-08-17

I know what you're thinking... Why become a Tournament Organizer?
Well let's explore the benefits of this role in the fast-paced world of gaming.

Gaming and esports is a billion-dollar industry that's a global phenomenon with spotlights on professional players, but did you know there are other crucial roles that play a significant part in shaping the esports landscape - the good ol' Esports Tournament Organizer.

If gaming is your jam that you have a lot of passion for and you're looking for an avenue to contribute to this booming industry, becoming an esports tournament organizer (TO) can be a really cool experience, and will also bring you some rewards.

Pioneering Innovation As a TO, you have the opportunity to pioneer innovation by crafting unique tournament structures, experimenting with new game formats, and introducing cool concepts that can dazzle your audience and players. It's your creativity that can reshape the way esports tournaments are conducted, step into the TO world and voila you are now part of the driving force behind the industry's growth.

Connecting Communities Let's get real... Esports transcends geographical boundaries, connecting gamers from all over the world - crazy right? As an organizer, you literally become this bridge - a really cool connector that unites diverse gaming communities. By jumping into this role, you encourage camaraderie and healthy competition, you automatically build relationships that go beyond the virtual arena life. I know a handful of couples that met through online gaming, fell in love and married. I know-I know, that's probably not your goal sharing a little example of some strong relationship building in this community.

Shaping Professional Careers Just as players aspire to make a career out of esports, the TO role contributes to the creation of sustainable career paths within this industry. By consistently hosting successful tournaments, you're providing yourself and other players opportunities to showcase yours and their skills, earn recognition, and with Community Gaming you can secure grants and sponsorships.

Being a TO teaches you all sorts of skills, you can gain a mix of knowledge in community management, project management, event planning, marketing strategies, partnerships, sponsorships. All these learning opportunities can lead you to a lot of behind the scenes roles like producer, caster, observer, event management and logistics, event analyst, and the list goes on. The experience you gain as a TO can also be a stepping stone to a range of career opportunities in all types of industries.

Creating Memorable Experiences Behind an esports tournament there always lies some type of memorable experience for both participants and viewers. Ohhh so many exciting moments, thrills, laughs, some triumphs and that occasional throwing something across the room because you got killed. Being a TO gives you the power to create lasting memories for not only yourself but for so many community members, I think that's a pretty cool way to leave your mark on the world.

I'm Ready to be a Tournament Organizer - Where do I Start? You're sold on being this cultural contributor, but you're nervous because you've never done this before. NO WORRIES! We here at Community Gaming got your back. We have an incredible group of Community Managers here to guide you and a Discord welcoming you to ask all the questions you have. Wait, there's more... through our partnership with the Play2Learn Foundation (P2L), they provide prize pool grants to grassroots tournament organizers.

Head on over to fill out a Grant Application here This isn't just an application form; it's a key that helps us understand you better, ensuring we provide you with the bests support to kickstart your tournament!

Get ready to make your mark on the esports world one tournament at a time!