April 2023 Product Updates
by Community Gaming in Features · 2021-12-29

Highlight: “Best of” Bracket Details for Informed Competitors

New month, new us! Community Gaming gets a little better each month with your feedback.

In previous feedback sessions, both Competitors and Tournament Organizers shared a need for “Best of” indicators. Many tournament organizers prefer to increase the number of matches played out as competitors progress towards the Final. Skill disparity between players usually decreases the closer competitors get to Finals, so many Tournament Organizers have players play out multiple games to ensure the winner is truly more skillful than their competition.

We’ve made changes to our Single and Double Elimination brackets so Tournament Organizers can set each round’s “Best of” and for competitors to view the number of games they need to win each round at a glance.

Read about our Bracket updates and more in our full changelog below!

New Features

  • [Registration] Tournament Organizers and Admins now view registered players in status categories:
  • -Active shows players participating in your tournament.
  • -Waitlist shows players waiting for a spot to open.
  • -Invited shows the status of players you’ve invited to your tournament.

* Community Gaming Discord Server directly from their tournament page.

Feature Updates

  • [Brackets] Single and Double Elimination Tournaments now include “Best of” indicators for each round. Tournament Organizers may select each round’s “Best of” to customize the number of games participants should play out and report.
  • For example, all matches leading up to Finals can be a Best of 1, while the Finals are a Best of 3.
  • [Brackets] Improved “Best of” scoring logic to automatically determine the winner of a match. For example, once one participant has won three games in a Best of Five, they will be marked as the winner and the bracket will move forward.
  • Affected Brackets: Single Elimination, Double Elimination, Round Robin, and Swiss
  • [Tournaments] Tournaments without a prize pool no longer show prize pool information or a prize pool of 0 USD.
  • [Registration] Improved region-based registration. All players of a team must belong to a country or region eligible for region-locked tournaments.

Questing Updates

  • Adjusted Quest sorting based on completion status; incomplete quests are pushed towards the top of the Questing page.
  • Added an “Internal Link” button to Quests to link a wallet.

Content Updates

  • Updated Community Gaming’s Media Kit Page with additional resources for Tournament Organizers to reference when creating graphics.
  • Translation improvements in Spanish and Portuguese related to tournament creation.

UI Updates

  • Changed Double Elimination Losers Bracket to top-alignment to match Winners Bracket.

* Improved Score Reporting UI to clearly indicate the winner of a match.

  • Adjusted the location of third-place matches in Single Elimination brackets to appear closer to the Finals match.
  • Improved displays for Titles and URLs on tournament pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved the behavior of our advertising modals.
  • Fixed an issue causing brackets to clip.
  • Fixed an issue preventing match results appearing.
  • Fixed an issue causing Daily Quests to disappear from the Questing page before they expire.


  • Adjusted handling of messages to improve matchroom performance.
  • Improved security procedures.