An Update Regarding Gods Unchained Battle for the Light
by Community Gaming in Features · 2022-10-12

Hi again,

While our investigation into the recent Gods Unchained Battle for the Light event remains open and ongoing, several procedural shortcomings have already been identified (including an immediate fix for the Deck bug), and we wanted you to hear from us sooner rather than later.

First, an apology. After hosting many Gods Unchained tournaments on our platform, we understand the excitement around the game and the passion of the GU community. Fans were heavily anticipating an epic GU event, but a combination of poor communication, unclear rulesets and general errors led to an experience that was below the high standards we set for our tournaments, and for that we sincerely apologize.

To ensure that future GU Community Gaming events meet our quality standards, we will institute several operational and technical changes, including:

  • Respond more quickly and directly to constructive community questions and feedback. We were not as transparent or effective as we could have been on a number of concerns, and that lack of communication frustrated everyone. Major tournaments require major staffing assignments, and we were not as well staffed as we should have been for an event this size, which created communication challenges.
  • Deliver the comprehensive and locked ruleset of a tournament in advance of the competition itself. There was confusion surrounding specific rules-tiebreakers, Winner’s Bracket advantage, deck submission deadlines, match score reporting, time limits, etc.-which could have been avoided if the ruleset was complete and finalized prior to the event.
  • Update tiebreaker calculations and adjust our platform’s Ready Up Button and Ready Up Scoring features. In order to avoid incorrect tiebreaker reports, tiebreaker calculations will expand out to 10 decimal places (up from two) while still being displayed as two decimal places for visual clarity. Based on community feedback, the Ready Up Button will undergo a visual overhaul that will improve the UI and site navigation. Additionally, we will change the number of win points assigned to the player who wins via a no-show to the minimum required for a Best-of-Series. We expect these updates to ship later this year.

Once implemented, we hope these changes help earn back trust from the GU community as we add more GU tournaments to our event schedule. Gaming communities are at the heart of what we do at Community Gaming-it’s in the name, after all. It’s our job to provide you with the best experiences possible, to create the kind of tournaments we can all be proud of. Sometimes, we fall short of that ambitious goal, and GU Battle for the Light was one of those times. We will do better!


The Community Gaming Team