Community Gaming Unveils XPeditions: Your Path to Gaming Rewards!
by Community Gaming in Community · 2024-01-08

Community Gaming Unveils XPeditions: Your Path to Gaming Rewards!

Embark on exciting quests with XPeditions, our loyalty program, built on Base, that is designed for gamers to earn on a daily basis. We want EVERY gamer to be able to earn rewards, regardless of skill level or time availability to compete in tournaments. We're enhancing your CG experience, turning every action into a rewarding adventure.

What is XPeditions? XPeditions is your personalized passport to explore new horizons in gaming while earning rewards. XPeditions will be categorized into three types—learning, engagement, and tournament types. Players will receive one daily XPedition to start and will receive more as they build up their XPerience. blog.png Learning XPeditions Earn through education and discovery. Learning XPeditions will utilize trivia and quizzes to create awareness around new games, educating gamers on the benefits of web3 technology, and driving engagement to relevant gaming news.

Engagement XPeditions Earn through actions such as social media engagement, consuming content on Twitch or YouTube, or answering survey questions to gather feedback on a certain game that’s relevant to you.

Tournament XPeditions Earning through competition and gameplay. Tournament XPeditions encourage competitive activity. This could be competing in your first tournament for the week or playing through a matchmaking game inside of a partnered game.

What is Base chain? XPeditions is built on top of Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) chain that is incubated by Coinbase. Base offers low-cost transactions and leverages the underlying security of Ethereum, along with Coinbase’s best practices, to enable you to confidently onramp or offramp from Base using Coinbase.

This means users can deposit their USDC earned from XPeditions right to their Coinbase account without any bridging! You can learn more about Base and Layer 2 (L2) chains here.

Sign Up and Begin Your Journey: Whether you're a seasoned pro competing in our weekly tournaments or a budding enthusiast, this program ensures everyone has an equal opportunity to start earning through their passion for gaming.

Head over to our website and sign up! Prepare to explore uncharted territories, earning epic rewards along the way. XPeditions is currently undergoing a phased rollout. If it is not yet available in your region, do not fear, opt-in through our website to be notified when it goes live in your country!

In the meantime, join our gaming community of competitors on Discord to connect with fellow adventurers and stay in the loop. Follow us on YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook and Instagram. Get ready! Your XPedition is about to begin!